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“we are all a word” – a little gem of a haiku by yi-ching lin

we are all a word

or two away from spilling –

the tension’s sublime


I wish I’d written that haiku! I recently started to follow yi-ching lin’s blog, I really like her poems, but this one simply took my breath away.

So far two of my blog posts have been poems: yin and yang and THE SPRING GRIN! and when the mood strikes me, I’ll be writing more.

I also write haikus and I’m gradually putting together a haiku picture gallery on my blog, called “haikus to go“.

I’m sure that many, if not most, of the world’s problems could be solved if people read and listened to poetry more.

let’s stuff poems in our pockets!

plug our minds into their sockets!

keep our hearts inside their lockets!





yin and yang


yin and yang

spring’s here with a bang!

its blossoms so lush

that they make you blush!

fall under the spell

of its love-filled smell!

a balanced life


If one starts one’s day with an early, foggy morning walk followed by a bowl of oatmeal and a watercress smoothie, it is only natural that later in the day one has a chocolate brownie. It’s all about balance, you know. Yin and yang. Watercress and chocolate. Laurel and Hardy.

PS. Any attempt to mask the sharp flavour of watercress with is futile. Watercress will not be assimilated!