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“absence has a space”: yi-ching lin poetry-strikes again!

absence has a shape –
how else do we keep bumping
into every edge,

rounding every curve until
we can’t find where we started


Yi-Ching Lin  writes poems in her “y | what it comes down to” blog, and this one struck a chord with me today! It forces you to go back to the beginning, to wonder if you understood it – so you end up bumping into its edges and rounding its curves just like the poem says!

*Well, I shouldn’t have said “you”! How would I know how that poem makes you feel – so tell me! Better yet, tell Yi-Ching Lin!

Just now, after glancing the first paragraph I wrote, I found my way of telling her:

absence is a chord –

you don’t know what you’ve been missing

until you hear it,


and then it sounds

like it came from your heart


Btw, that’s fan poetry! = A clumsy tribute to the original.. Communication through poems: Poemmunication! 😀


“we are all a word” – a little gem of a haiku by yi-ching lin

we are all a word

or two away from spilling –

the tension’s sublime


I wish I’d written that haiku! I recently started to follow yi-ching lin’s blog, I really like her poems, but this one simply took my breath away.

So far two of my blog posts have been poems: yin and yang and THE SPRING GRIN! and when the mood strikes me, I’ll be writing more.

I also write haikus and I’m gradually putting together a haiku picture gallery on my blog, called “haikus to go“.

I’m sure that many, if not most, of the world’s problems could be solved if people read and listened to poetry more.

let’s stuff poems in our pockets!

plug our minds into their sockets!

keep our hearts inside their lockets!