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a couple of words about running (and spinning)..

Run the day

And if your hula hoop drops, just pick it up and give it a good spin!

(Such as: Yeah, I dropped in on purpose so that I could do lunges! 😜)

what it’s really all about!


“Get a flat stomach in 4 weeks!”

“Power moves for a killer body!”

That’s what the fitness media keep promising us, featuring images of models who don’t need to get a flat stomach in four weeks or a killer body because they already have one. Those promises and images are, at worst, unrealistic and one-dimensional. Not to mention boring.

They entirely miss the point.

And the point is

to have fun!

(so that you forget to worry about your looks or anything else)

to blow off steam!

(so that you’ll make it through a tough day)

to get together with a bunch of great people!

(and be energized by them)


PS. The world’s best abs workouts? LOL and ROFL.