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warning: don’t scroll down beyond the first two photos if spiders give you the creeps, but even if they do, you should definitely look at the first two photos because spider architecture is amazing, especially adorned with rain drops glistening in the sunlight!!




one of those moments which would have gone viral

I’ve heard that there actually are people who only do things if they can take a photo of it or video it in order to publish it on social media. I’m not one of those people, which is why I just went to the bathroom without taking a camera with me. Which is why I am not at this moment the latest youtube wonder.

I reached for the toilet paper. And suddenly froze. Right there on top of the roll was a spider! I used to be terrified of spiders, but I’ve come a long way so I went right ahead and started to pull the paper out. And the spider started to move backwards in order to stay on top of the roll. Which means that I had just turned a roll of toilet paper into a spider treadmill!

It was so funny that I just kept on pulling more paper out, but after about 10 seconds the spider decided to step out. Can’t blame it, running on a treadmill is so boring! Except, of course, when the treadmill is a roll of TP and the running is done by a spider!

*The best videos in life tend to be the ones which never become videos.