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that thing you do – yes, what is that thing you do with your phone here there and everywhere?!

You use your phone in a house, with a mouse, with a goat, on a boat, in the rain, on a train – you use it here, there and everywhere!

You use your phone with a fox, when you’re changing socks, you use it when you talk and when you are on a crosswalk!

You are hunched over, you didn’t see the clover, you were almost run over!

Seriously, people: What is so urgent that it can’t wait even another half a minute? What are you afraid will happen if you don’t respond right away, if you skip one status update or an insta this, that or the other? Is it really so important that you’re willing to sacrifice your normal, attractive walking gait and good posture for it??

I would really like to know.