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you may want to sit down for this


I know this will come us a great shock to you, all the more so if you paid a considerable amount of money for your “pashmina”, but I can no longer hide the truth:

The Authentic, Original pashmina is MINE.

Some poor ignorant soul had donated it to a charity shop, which didn’t know any better so instead of contacting Christie’s or Sotheby’s it sold it to me and didn’t even charge that much for it. What can I say, though, except c’est la vie..?

PS. Oh, why haven’t I sold it through Christie’s or Sotheby’s for a staggering pile of money? The answer is very simple: There are countless bills, bank notes, cheques and coins in the world, but only one Authentic, Original pashmina! 😀

warning: don’t scroll down beyond the first two photos if spiders give you the creeps, but even if they do, you should definitely look at the first two photos because spider architecture is amazing, especially adorned with rain drops glistening in the sunlight!!