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are you a showstopper or a sheet?

A week ago Abby Has Issues posted a blog post titled How to Change Your Sheets in Under an Hour.

Now, there are people who simply cannot comprehend what on earth she’s talking about. Then there are people like me. Who know exactly what she’s talking about.

Today I baked a rhubarb pie. And, as a person who knows exactly what Abby means, I opted for a sheet rhubarb pie. Simple, practical and tastes just as good as the pies with intricate decorations on top – tiny sculptures of the gods of ancient Greece carved out of rhubarb, perhaps.

Sheet pies are also known as slab pies. Except among people who always carve ancient gods out of rhubarb (at 2 a.m..) – even if it makes them tired, cranky martyrs! They call them slob pies. 😉