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tigger warning!

even the bittiest
the itty-bitty-bittiest
of smiles can make you


even if it’s real sappy
or just a plumsy pun
you shouldn’t pass by fun
or a moment in the sun!


so keep springs on your feet
be ready to pounce on a laugh
to chase down every tickle
and to bounce, even in sleet!

just the right spot!


do not forget to stop

when you spot the right spot

then lift up your snout

and you’ll forget to pout

’cause you feel so good

in your new, bright mood!


“absence has a space”: yi-ching lin poetry-strikes again!

absence has a shape –
how else do we keep bumping
into every edge,

rounding every curve until
we can’t find where we started


Yi-Ching LinΒ  writes poems in her “y | what it comes down to” blog, and this one struck a chord with me today! It forces you to go back to the beginning, to wonder if you understood it – so you end up bumping into its edges and rounding its curves just like the poem says!

*Well, I shouldn’t have said “you”! How would I know how that poem makes you feel – so tell me! Better yet, tell Yi-Ching Lin!

Just now, after glancing the first paragraph I wrote, I found my way of telling her:

absence is a chord –

you don’t know what you’ve been missing

until you hear it,


and then it sounds

like it came from your heart


Btw, that’s fan poetry! = A clumsy tribute to the original.. Communication through poems: Poemmunication! πŸ˜€


the glitter scene



I’m an introvert. (See photo number one!) And the other night, at a party, I was unexpectedly put not only on the spot, but in the spotlight as I was asked to stand up and give a speech. The horror, the horror!

Obviously, I had a choice. I could simply have refused (as every cell in my body was begging me to do!) After all, it’s easy to say no: all it takes is a side-to-side movement of your head (except, of course, in cultures where that movement means yes!) No big deal.

I, however, decided to stand up and step up to the glitter scene. I learned that word from The American Girl, a novel by the Finnish author Monika Fagerholm. She uses it to describe those moments in life when we have to set aside our private selves and put up a show.

In that novel it first happens when a husband shows his wife their new house which he, unbeknownst to her, has built as an exact replica of a house she fell in love with during their skiing trip to the Alps. To her horror, however, she doesn’t like the house at all. Without the mountain setting it simply doesn’t look right, but her husband built the house for her because he loves her and wanted to make her dream come true. So she puts on a radiant smile. She is now on the glitter scene of her life.

And so was I the other night. (See photo number two!) In a flash I remembered that I had a poem in my purse, a poem I had sent into a poetry competition. The poem had nothing to do with the party’s theme, but no matter. (There’s always room for poetry, right?)

I put on my glitter scene voice and read it out loud. Then half-collapsed back into my chair. And probably emptied my wine glass in one big gulp. I think I’m still shaking a little. But when I was on the glitter scene I was a diva! 😜

(Diva, by the way, is another one of Monika Fagerholm’s novels..)

yin and yang


yin and yang

spring’s here with a bang!

its blossoms so lush

that they make you blush!

fall under the spell

of its love-filled smell!