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“if you want your jeans ironed”


The quote from the title is from Matthew McConaughey, or actually from a friend of his, Beth Alexander (who was the director’s assistant in McConaghey’s 1995 movie Boys On The Side), and what it means is that just because you can have something doesn’t mean you should. I learned that, and many other interesting things, about McConaughey in this GQ article.

Anyway, let’s move on to what that quote has to do with what I want to say today!

Would you pay 260 Euros for a dinner which you eat strapped into an amusement-park style seat, hoisted up in the air, with a top chef preparing the food right in front of you?

No? Me neither, and anyway, this year’s Dinner in the Sky event in Brussels is already sold out, except for the 14th of June. *Which means that if you happen to read this blog post very soon after it’s published (which will be about 30 minutes after I finish typing this sentence..) and you book right away (if, at that point in time, seats are still available..), you can still make it even if you live on the other side of the world – provided that you have enough money for all the necessary tickets and hotel room, plus of course the freedom to take off at a moment’s notice – so go ahead if you want your dinner at a table dangling from a crane.

I’m sure the food served up there is superb, but the best meal I’ve ever had in a restaurant was in Italy in a tiny, really cheap hole-in-the-wall restaurant with paper towels for napkins and surly servers. But. the. food. was. spectacular!

Also, a few months ago I was at a party, a sit-down dinner where a lot of talented people performed and it was so much fun that I don’t even remember eating! I only know that I ate because I wasn’t hungry afterwards, which just proves that what you most likely remember afterwards is the show you saw or the people you shared the meal with (which usually is the same thing anyway..)

And would a fancy, star-studded meal really taste better than the season’s first, perfectly ripe strawberry which you bite into right after picking it?

PS. By the way, if you do have dinner in the sky, you’d better make sure you won’t have to go to the toilet while you’re up there..!