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meet my favorite flower! (which has no scent, but who needs a scent when you have bright petals the size of sheets, as in “hello there, bee boys! how about a roll in my sheets..?”)





yin and yang


yin and yang

spring’s here with a bang!

its blossoms so lush

that they make you blush!

fall under the spell

of its love-filled smell!

how dare they??! (aka Green Porno!)


IMG_1114A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to get front-row seats for Isabella Rossellini‘s hilarious (and VERY educational!!) Green Porno show. Isabella walked on stage holding a magnificent bouquet of flowers. Which, as she pointed out, can be used to decorate churches or other places of worship – despite the fact that their genitals are in full, garish view! Really, flowers are just porn on stems!

Green Porno is also available as short little video films on youtube. You’ll probably end up watching them all, which is good for you, because you’ll learn more than you ever did in your biology classes at school!! In fact, I think Green Porno videos should be mandatory at schools everywhere, not only because they contain so much factual information on biology and reproduction, but also because they could be used as a funny and thought-provoking stepping stone into sex education.