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the straight and narrow

IMGP7183Actually, in this case, not so straight: last week we went hiking in the Swiss Alps where it’s particularly important to stay on the marked path and leave no trace. If everyone walked wherever they felt like there soon wouldn’t be any soil left, and without soil there would be no Alpine meadows, which means there wouldn’t be any cows grazing there, and no cows equals no Swiss milk, WHICH WOULD MEAN THERE WOULDN’T BE ANY SWISS MILK CHOCOLATE!!!

So respect and protect the environment, people!


a balanced life


If one starts one’s day with an early, foggy morning walk followed by a bowl of oatmeal and a watercress smoothie, it is only natural that later in the day one has a chocolate brownie. It’s all about balance, you know. Yin and yang. Watercress and chocolate. Laurel and Hardy.

PS. Any attempt to mask the sharp flavour of watercress with is futile. Watercress will not be assimilated!