Tag: bubbles of laughter

bubble power!


(NB: the poem is followed by rhyme-free text!)


laughter wobbles in my belly

swiftly turns me into jelly!

bubbles up and tickles my lips

then frolicks on my fingertips!

ruffles up my hair

swirls around the air

and spreads the giggles

carries the joy

and boy oh boy!

now everyone wiggles!

as the laughter trickles

down to every cranny and nook

between the covers of every book

onto rooftops, into knickers

and lo and behold:

nobody bickers!

nobody fights, nobody litters!

it’s no longer cold

the air’s warm with smiles

only shrieks of laughter for miles and miles!


I few years ago I was the victim of a laughter assault! At an outdoor family event, a man very purposefully strode towards me with a wide grin on his face, his right arm outstretched. He took my hand and started to shake it. And he laughed.

At first I was embarrased, his laughter seemed fake and he seemed kind of nuts, but I quickly realized that he was not going to let go of my hand until I started to laugh too. And of course I did, it was impossible not to. He then wished me a nice a day and walked towards his next victim..

I found out that he was there with a bunch of other people from a laughter yoga group. They were all wearing brightly-colored ha ha ha! tee shirts.  The idea of laughter yoga is that fake laughter inevitably turns into the real thing and combined with eye-contact and breathing exercises it is very beneficial for people’s well-being. Amen to that!