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tigger warning!

even the bittiest
the itty-bitty-bittiest
of smiles can make you


even if it’s real sappy
or just a plumsy pun
you shouldn’t pass by fun
or a moment in the sun!


so keep springs on your feet
be ready to pounce on a laugh
to chase down every tickle
and to bounce, even in sleet!

a couple of words about running (and spinning)..

Run the day

And if your hula hoop drops, just pick it up and give it a good spin!

(Such as: Yeah, I dropped in on purpose so that I could do lunges! 😜)

when your mind’s as grey as the sky above, you need to be sly and start with fake laughter, and eventually the real thing will come after! 😜🎈🎢🌴



balance, and how to achieve it!



Did you indulge and succumb, did you overeat?

There’s no need to worry, no need for a frown:

Just take deep breaths right there in your seat

And once your intestines have settled down,

Get up and start moving for sweat and heat!

Did you fall off the wagon and lose your resolve?

There’s no need to despair, no need to feel lame:

Simply pick yourself up and dust off your valve

And in no time at all you’re back in the game!

See how simple it is to regroup and revolve?

(Repeat as necessary)