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one of those moments which would have gone viral

I reached for the toilet paper. And suddenly froze. Right there on top of the roll was a spider! I used to be terrified of spiders, but I’ve managed to conquer much of my fear so I went right ahead and started to pull the paper out. And the spider started to move backwards in order to stay on top of the roll. Which means that I had just turned a roll of toilet paper into a spider treadmill!

It was so funny that I just kept on pulling the paper, but after about 10 seconds the spider decided to step out. Can’t blame it, running on a treadmill is so boring! Except, of course, when the treadmill is a roll of TP and the running is done by a spider!

I wonder how many million views that video would’ve gotten.

Then again, the most likely outcome of trying to shoot the video would’ve been my phone falling into the toilet.. 😅

jesus of nazareth and bruce lee

I can’t think of two people more alike than those two. Jesus needs no introduction, but perhaps you’re wondering why I claim Jesus and Bruce are so similar. Bruce was an atheist, after all, and you may only know him as a martial arts star. Perhaps you know that he died in his early thirties, but that’s not the similarity I’m talking about here.

Perhaps you now think it’s outrageous of me to even talk about Jesus and Bruce Lee this way, let alone claim that they’re very much alike, but hear me out.

Bruce Lee grew up in Kowloon, China. His father was Chinese and his mother was half Chinese, half German, which led to Bruce being bullied, which in turn eventually led him to learn martial arts under Yip Man, who was trying to keep teenagers from fighting in the streets. However, when the other students learned of Bruce’s mixed ancestry, most of them refused to train with him. Most Chinese were strongly against teaching martial arts to non-Chinese.

Later Bruce moved to the United States where he, among other things, studied philosophy. He was very well-read and wrote poetry, too. He married a white woman, a scandal at the time, and taught martial arts to anyone regardless of their background, skin color, age or whatever. He had zero tolerance towards bullying and discrimination of any kind.

Wikipedia will tell you that Bruce Lee founded “Jeet Kune Do”, but he himself resented any labels. He used skills from whichever sport or style he saw fit, hence his most famous quote: “Be formless, be shapeless. Be like water, my friend.” He was of the opinion that as soon as people form different groups or schools of thought they start fighting about who’s “right” or “better”. He would be horrified to learn that people are still arguing about his status as a mixed martial artist, and who founded what and what’s the “correct” interpretation, or whatever.

I think Jesus and Bruce would’ve instantly liked each other. We have a lot to learn from both of them.