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I LOVE MY HAIR! (That’s right! I actually went ahead and said that! Meant it, too!)


That’s right, I’m not kidding: I love my hair! More specifically, I love my hair’s all-natural color. I love the way it constantly, subtly changes; I love its sun-kissed highlights; I love its darker, contemplative winter moods. I also really love it like this: (because that is pure FUN!)


Allegedly the first grey hairs have made an appearance. I say ‘allegedly’ because I heard it from my hairdresser, but I couldn’t be bothered to take a closer look. Grey simply joins the cast of countless other hues on my head and plays its part in making my hair unique, impossible to replicate no matter how many top stylists were hired for the task.

Anyway, why mess with perfection? 😉

(Make no mistake here: I’m a tangled mess of insecurities and complexes. I simply choose to be merciful to myself, which means that I avoid looking into brightly lit mirrors. Quality of life largely depends on a soft-focus lens. (And every now and then a kaleidoscope!)