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first, there was an apple..


Actually, a lot of apples despite the fact that I actually do eat an apple a day, more than one on most days. Anyway, last night there were still so many apples in our kitchen that there was only one solution: apple crumble!

First I faithfully followed the recipe I found in one of my cook books: I peeled 4 apples and cut them into thick slices, which I then put in a pan with a bit of water, a bit of lemon juice and some sugar and let it all simmer for a bit before pouring it into an oven pan and adding finely chopped fresh ginger.

Then I mixed some flour with butter and sugar and finely chopped nuts, but I only had wallnuts, which I know are really healthy, but also a bit woody for my taste so there was only one solution: improvisation! I found a couple of dates, which I chopped and added to the mix. Then I spotted flaked coconut so a bit of that went in. Well, actually, accidentally, a bit more than just a bit.. At which point I decided to add more ginger. This could have gone on and on, but the oven was already hot so I put the crumble in there.

I took the crumble out of the oven after we finished dinner and then realized I couldn’t eat it because I was going to a Zumba class and I’d probably eaten too much already! And after Zumba, for some inexplicable reason!!, I forgot to eat it! That never happens!

Anyway, that’s why I had the crumble for breakfast this morning with some Greek yoghurt and maple syrup! What a great start to the day! (Not that you asked, I just felt like telling you that story anyway.. Plus, you got the recipe – provided you’re either an experienced crumbler or a risk-taker by nature… If you want more accurate measurements, just ask! ; ))

the joy of fake running!


Hello, my name is Satu and I’m a fake runner!

I always go for a walk. Then, every now and then, I run a bit, 10 or 30 seconds or so. If my feet and knees give their approval, I might even run for a few minutes. If it feels really good, even longer – but even then I don’t push my luck. 10 minutes is more than enough.

If running doesn’t feel good at all, I continue to walk. Sometimes I even walk past “runners”. (Whose joints would be thankful if they faced the facts and switched to a brisk walk..)

Ever since I gave up on “real” running, I haven’t had a single strain injury. Plus I have the added benefit of people cheering me on when they see me stop running and think it’s because I’m exhausted. “Don’t give up, girl!” is what I heard last time from a lovely old gentleman..

Perhaps you’re wondering why I didn’t include a photo of myself faking it “on the run”? Come on! That would have been too fake! (Besides, the only thing the photo would have proven is that I posed for it in athletic gear.)

stretch of imagination


And why not? If you believe that horseshoes bring good luck, you might as well believe in the extreme-adoration-enhancing properties of stretch trousers! It doesn’t really matter what you base your motivation or encouragement on (as long as it doesn’t cause harm to yourself or others!!!) Horseshoes and stretch trousers are just things, and things don’t care.

So whatever you think works probably will work. Maybe not the way you expected, but one way or another. And if you give up you’ll never know how, exactly.

So pull on your stretch trousers and keep going!

changing of the guard, ie. A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Joulupukki ja muori!

In Finland Santa Claus shows up in person already on Christmas Eve. Well, it’s only natural that he does, he comes from Finland, after all!

My children are 11 and 12 now. Santa has always shown up, or at the very least we’ve heard him, heard his footsteps, his cane, and often little bells, too. This year, though, I knew we’d reached a turning point. I was half sure that they had figured it out a long time ago, but I was still planning on making Santa make some noise, at least.

Before I could make a move, though, Santa and his Mrs. Claus did! And it was time for my jaw to drop. (Not the least because of Mrs. Claus’s hairdo..) They asked whether all the adults had behaved well. They handed out presents. They filled all our hearts with joy.

It was the end of an era – but the best ends double as wonderful beginnings.

I’ve been wondering..

.. if Leonardo DiCaprio ever wishes he had more to hold on to? Could all the models simply be a smokescreen to hide the fact that he’s actually into voluptious women? (I mean, dating a model is one thing – but going on holiday with dozens of models reeks of a massive cover-up!) Perhaps for all these years he’s had a secret, fat girlfriend!

(And if he has, I hope that one day he’ll be able to come out of the oversize closet, man up and proudly take her to the Oscars.)



Why is it that the most expensive cosmetic products have such staggeringly long names? I mean, come on! Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate! Advanced Time Zone Age Reversing Line/Wrinkle Cream! Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Emulsion Lightweight Age-Delaying Emulsion!

Well, maybe it’s the cosmetic companies’ way of making their expensive products seem cheaper. After all, that way the price per word is lower. Still, just seeing the price tag is enough to make most people’s pores shrink in horror, which of course improves skin tone, but no matter how much money we spend, our skin tone is never going to be anything like the skin tone of the impossibly beautiful and luminously photoshopped models and movie stars in the ads for those expensive products with crazy names. And unless you’re Leonardo DiCaprio, what are those models ever going to do for you?

I actually bought my moisturizer, the one on the photo, when I was having a bad day and I needed some retail therapy. I thought at the very least I could keep it on my nightstand as a sort of talisman of comfort, but to my delight it turned out to be really great for my skin so now I use it every day and will soon have to buy a new one.

PS. What I do keep on my nightstand is a little bottle of hyvää omaatuntoa, which is Finnish for good conscience..

(Made by Finnish artist Riitta Mustakoski)