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Paris, city of love!

Paris, city of love!
A map for lovers’ walks,
for yearning in moonlight.
Cafés made for flirting,
seduction served on trays.
A starry sky,
stars bright on stage,
in the soul the song of a sparrow.

Paris, the great lover,
the poised power of the Eiffel tower,
champagne bubbles in the air,
kisses on the bridges of the Seine,
earrings from Cartier,
titillating whispers.
In Paris everyone falls in love,
if not in each other, in Paris itself.

(And Beirut, the Paris of the Middle East!!!)
(And Kabul, the Paris of Central Asia!!!)

how to talk to a tree..


“Help me please! My hair is acting out!”

“What on earth are you shouting about?”

“I woke up today and my hair was yellow!”

“But yellow is always so nice and mellow!”

“Not when people walk by and whistle

the yellow submarine! That makes me bristle!”

“But at least your hair isn’t short and stiff!”

“Right now I really wish that it was! Then at least

it wouldn’t fall out and make me look like a beast!”

“On the other hand.. you have a whiff

of a most enchanting scent!

And your branches are toned, your trunk is tight

so even bark-naked you look just right!”


she blushed all red

it had all been said

 so she quietly led

her sweet-talking beau

straight into her bed!


“we are all a word” – a little gem of a haiku by yi-ching lin

we are all a word

or two away from spilling –

the tension’s sublime


I wish I’d written that haiku! I recently started to follow yi-ching lin’s blog, I really like her poems, but this one simply took my breath away.

So far two of my blog posts have been poems: yin and yang and THE SPRING GRIN! and when the mood strikes me, I’ll be writing more.

I also write haikus and I’m gradually putting together a haiku picture gallery on my blog, called “haikus to go“.

I’m sure that many, if not most, of the world’s problems could be solved if people read and listened to poetry more.

let’s stuff poems in our pockets!

plug our minds into their sockets!

keep our hearts inside their lockets!





yin and yang


yin and yang

spring’s here with a bang!

its blossoms so lush

that they make you blush!

fall under the spell

of its love-filled smell!