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tigger warning!

even the bittiest
the itty-bitty-bittiest
of smiles can make you


even if it’s real sappy
or just a plumsy pun
you shouldn’t pass by fun
or a moment in the sun!


so keep springs on your feet
be ready to pounce on a laugh
to chase down every tickle
and to bounce, even in sleet!

that thing you do – yes, what is that thing you do with your phone here there and everywhere?!

You use your phone in a house, with a mouse, with a goat, on a boat, in the rain, on a train – you use it here, there and everywhere!

You use your phone with a fox, when you’re changing socks, you use it when you talk and when you are on a crosswalk!

You are hunched over, you didn’t see the clover, you were almost run over!

Seriously, people: What is so urgent that it can’t wait even another half a minute? What are you afraid will happen if you don’t respond right away, if you skip one status update or an insta this, that or the other? Is it really so important that you’re willing to sacrifice your normal, attractive walking gait and good posture for it??

I would really like to know.


just the right spot!


do not forget to stop

when you spot the right spot

then lift up your snout

and you’ll forget to pout

’cause you feel so good

in your new, bright mood!


“absence has a space”: yi-ching lin poetry-strikes again!

absence has a shape –
how else do we keep bumping
into every edge,

rounding every curve until
we can’t find where we started


Yi-Ching Lin  writes poems in her “y | what it comes down to” blog, and this one struck a chord with me today! It forces you to go back to the beginning, to wonder if you understood it – so you end up bumping into its edges and rounding its curves just like the poem says!

*Well, I shouldn’t have said “you”! How would I know how that poem makes you feel – so tell me! Better yet, tell Yi-Ching Lin!

Just now, after glancing the first paragraph I wrote, I found my way of telling her:

absence is a chord –

you don’t know what you’ve been missing

until you hear it,


and then it sounds

like it came from your heart


Btw, that’s fan poetry! = A clumsy tribute to the original.. Communication through poems: Poemmunication! 😀


with all your might

Click here and you’ll get to know Balkissa Chaibou, a young woman who had the courage  to say ‘no’ to marriage, the tenacity to work her way to medical school and the grace to help other girls turn their lives around.

Balkissa is right:

you have to fight!

you have to study!

until your face is ruddy!

even if you’re muddy!




and blow Balkissa a kiss:

she’s one incredible miss!

bubble power!


(NB: the poem is followed by rhyme-free text!)


laughter wobbles in my belly

swiftly turns me into jelly!

bubbles up and tickles my lips

then frolicks on my fingertips!

ruffles up my hair

swirls around the air

and spreads the giggles

carries the joy

and boy oh boy!

now everyone wiggles!

as the laughter trickles

down to every cranny and nook

between the covers of every book

onto rooftops, into knickers

and lo and behold:

nobody bickers!

nobody fights, nobody litters!

it’s no longer cold

the air’s warm with smiles

only shrieks of laughter for miles and miles!


I few years ago I was the victim of a laughter assault! At an outdoor family event, a man very purposefully strode towards me with a wide grin on his face, his right arm outstretched. He took my hand and started to shake it. And he laughed.

At first I was embarrased, his laughter seemed fake and he seemed like a nutcake, but I quickly realized that he was not going to let go of my hand until I started to laugh too. And of course I did, it was impossible not to. He then wished me a nice a day and walked towards his next victim..

I found out that he was there with a bunch of other people from a laughter yoga group. They were all wearing brightly-colored ha ha ha! tee shirts.  The idea of laughter yoga is that fake laughter inevitably turns into the real thing and combined with eye-contact and breathing exercises it is very beneficial for people’s well-being. Amen to that!