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clouds clouds clouds!


I took those four photos in about 30 seconds without moving from the spot I was standing on! What a wonderful show clouds put on for us – and it’s FREE! No need to book (expensive) tickets six months in advance, no queuing, no overpriced drinks!

Not enough people realize that, methinks!

(When was the last time you stopped to gaze at clouds, even for a few seconds?)

bulging, billowing..hopefully not blowing up!


Some of those cute little puffy Cumulus clouds you see in every little kid’s drawings are in reality STORM PUPPIES! In the right conditions they will bulge and build up and up and up – and some of them will finish the show with an anvil. In which case you should take cover. NOT under a big tree, though!

For a while now, I’ve been taking cover.. Wondering where to take this blog, how to make it bulge and billow a bit more. (And by “blog” I mean my life, of course..) Eventually I did realize, though, that during all that wondering I have to keep posting (and living my life..), otherwise a gust of wind will blow away the little blog clouds I’ve accumulated so far..

No matter how much we sometimes wish for the sky to be blue, a blue sky is.. boring. And as a member of the Cloud Appreciation Society I pledge to fight ‘blue-sky thinking’! I mean, come on, how long would you really want to stare at a blue sky? However, throw a little cloud action in there, fierce battles, a cloudy threesome or a full-blown cloud orgy and you’ll find it hard to look away!

even a blue sky can be ironic!


A blue sky definitely is incredibly ironic on the very day that the Cloud Appreciation Society’s 10th anniversary conference takes place in London! (The very society that in its manifesto pledges to fight ‘blue-sky thinking’!)

The conference took place yesterday, 26 September, and I had the privilege of taking part. (I am member number 30,845! Total current membership is 39,055 – which means that if you join soon, you might well become member number 40,000!)

What the sky lacked, the ESCAPE TO THE CLOUDS conference gave in abundance! The speakers were fantastic (as was the venue, the Royal Geographical Society), the cloud shop was well stocked, there was a camera obscura aimed at the sky as well as a cabinet of cloud curiosities…

Oh, and there was even a weather-inspired shoe on display! (“Cloud and Rainbow High Heel” designed by Thea Cadabra in 1984)