Author: SatuBell

remember Leonardo DiCaprio’s secret, fat girlfriend?

You know, the one I wrote about quite a while back?

Well, I’m now convinced his latest secret, fat girl has to be Lady Gaga! At least based on how some people have been commenting on her Super Bowl show where she dared – gasp! – to reveal her apparently less than perfect midriff. (!!?) There must be something seriously wrong with my eyesight because I can’t see the “pot belly” those people are so disgusted by. All I see is a beautiful woman, but hey, I’ve been wrong before so let’s roll with this fat-a-gaga theory!

After all, these days, if a woman doesn’t have rock-hard abs covered with nothing but flawless skin, she is considered FAT. In other words, Lady Gaga is perfect for the closeted fat-lover Leo! FINALLY he has something he can really grab and squeeze and hang on to! And she can finally relax and feel worthy! To think that to this day she’s only had talent and hard work to fall back on!!

Quite a while back I also wrote about my decision to lose weight. I haven’t talked about that since so you guessed it, I haven’t lost all that much weight. In fact, I’ve gained – not any weight, but insights into the whole women and weight and stomachs and pressure thing that makes so many people go gaga. And one of the most astonishing discoveries I’ve made is how even people I thought couldn’t care less about people’s looks or weight in fact care a great deal more than is healthy for them! On the other hand, some people who look like their lives are all about looks actually live lives filled with a much deeper purpose.

All that has led me into writing about the subject. I am currently working on a story about one woman’s panic-filled Saturday night in which I explore all those issues. More about that later this year! In the meanwhile I wish Leo and Gaga all the best!


when your mind’s as grey as the sky above, you need to be sly and start with fake laughter, and eventually the real thing will come after! 😜🎈🎢🌴



balance, and how to achieve it!



Did you indulge and succumb, did you overeat?

There’s no need to worry, no need for a frown:

Just take deep breaths right there in your seat

And once your intestines have settled down,

Get up and start moving for sweat and heat!

Did you fall off the wagon and lose your resolve?

There’s no need to despair, no need to feel lame:

Simply pick yourself up and dust off your valve

And in no time at all you’re back in the game!

See how simple it is to regroup and revolve?

(Repeat as necessary)

not so much gone with the wind as expoxed by the wind..


Aaah, there’s nothing like air which has been cleaned, cleared and oxygenated by rain!

I dashed to open all the windows to get a proper through-draft going – and got more than I bargained for.. I was exposed as a person who sometimes “forgets” to vacuum under the couch!!

On the other hand, since the wind blew out all those dust bunnies from under the couch, I guess I won’t have to vacuum under there next week, either..? How convenient! 😜

PS. That lovely drawing is by Italian illustrator Eva Montanari.

just the right spot!


do not forget to stop

when you spot the right spot

then lift up your snout

and you’ll forget to pout

’cause you feel so good

in your new, bright mood!


The Manifest of the Funhouse Mirror Liberation Army!


For far too long, funhouse mirrors have mainly been confined to fun fairs and amusement parks, even though the world desperately needs more of them!

Funhouse mirrors should therefore be set free and installed in parks, schools, businesses and homes!

It’s time to see more fun in mirrors!