I had just finished reading ‘A Most Wanted Man’ by John Le Carré when I decided to compile my page. That’s why I came up with ‘tinker, writer, blogger, shy’, which pretty much sums me up:

I’m always tinkering with something creative; writing is my passion; this is my third blog (the other two I write in Finnish); I’m shy.

What else? Well, I live in Flanders right outside Brussels, I’m married to an American and I have two children. I work full time as a conference interpreter. In my free time I write a lot, which is just another way of saying that I have a collection of rejection letters. ; )

I love the smell of freshly roasted coffee, but I don’t like the taste of coffee. I’ve only had one full cup of coffee in my entire life – and oh boy, did that one cup scare me! It gave me heart palpitations and for hours I felt like I was walk-floating  above the ground.

I also don’t drink a lot of tea, even though I really like the taste of some teas, especially Thé du Hammam by the Parisian tea maker Palais des Thés. The problem is that if I drink just one cup of tea I end up running to the ladies’ room for the equivalent of a whole pot of tea!

I love good-quality (preferably Swiss) milk chocolate, but I do NOT like chocolate ice cream or most chocolate desserts.

I love bubbles! Especially in champagne! The Champagne region of France is only a three-hour drive away from our house it’s not like I had a lot of choice in the matter.. Geography really is a major defining factor in our lives, isn’t it?

I’m very good at focusing at the irrelevant. I’m also good at dropping everything at a moment’s notice and reconfiguring all my plans in order to dash off to do something fun.


Hi, my name is Satu and I’m a bibliomaniac! I can completely relate to this essay Zadie Smith wrote for the Oprah Magazine.