a cupcake milestone, ie. eating a treat in front of a treasure!



Yes, people, it’s official: I have now been to 3 cupcake bakeries!

The first cupcake bakery I ever went to was the Prairie Girl Bakery in Toronto. And what a cupcake initiation rite it was! WOW! That Prairie Girl has a fabulous rack! (full of cupcakes..)

The second one was Billy’s Bakery in NYC, which also doubles as the first cupcake bakery I ever heard of. I was looking for a cupcake recipe online and happened to find and then make Billy’s Vanilla Vanilla cupcakes. Which then, on our trip to NYC, led me to look for a place to stay as close to Billy’s Bakery as possible. Which led us to Chelsea, and the High Line. (It’s good to climb up stairs and keep moving in between eating cupcakes..)

And today I went to the third, the Lilicup Bakery in Brussels, Belgium.

Museums frown on people eating cupcakes so I ate my cupcake in front of the Horta museum, the wonderful Art Nouveau house designed by one of Art Nouveau’s great pioneers, the Belgian Victor Horta! And really, what could be a more Art Nouveau treat than a cupcake with its beautiful, soft, flowing form?

Taking photos was not allowed in the house, but if you look carefully at the photo in which I’m eating my cupcake, you can see a couple of details of the house. (And my husband! See, bit by bit I reveal more about myself in this blog..)

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