a great self-help pattern!


Whenever you start to take yourself too seriously, it’s time for some drastic action! Better yet: do it often enough and you won’t have to worry about ever taking yourself too seriously!

*And by the way: it’s best to choose a narrow, long dress for the trampoline.. This one is by the Finnish “pattern giant” Marimekko, the pattern of which is called Kivipelto, which translates as “rock field”.

I come from Finland so Marimekko’s patterns are as much a part of my life as sauna and salty liquorice, that’s one reason I wanted to advertize it here. The second reason is that the dress I’m wearing is a size S, which never happens! I don’t care one bit that the dress was probably mislabeled, it’s a size S, it fits me perfectly and I have the size tag to prove it! Case closed. (And that, dear readers, is another great self-help strategy!)

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