breaking bad – and I mean REALLY BREAKING BAD!

(Don’t despair! There are photos at the end of this blog post, but first, please hear me out!)

I don’t know what ‘Breaking Bad’ the tv series is all about, I’ve never seen it. What I do know is that breaking bad was just the title for this blog post.

You see, on the 30th of December 2014 my children built a snowman with their grandfather, complete with a snowball lantern for some illumination. I was also out there, I made a couple of tiny snowmen, and then we had an all-out snowball fight.

Carpe nivem! Seize the snow!

(Did you know that the Latin word for snow is ‘nix’? Which becomes ‘nivem’ for that carpe stuff..)

Overnight, the weather turned warmer and my tiny snowmen had, if possible, shrunk even more. As these photos show, however, the big snowman had not just melted. Oh no! Its top half had been yanked off and tossed asunder! Also, the snowballs of the lantern were scattered around.

AND there were fresh tire tracks! It was elementary.

Except it wasn’t! To kill a snowman, is there anything worse? It’s bad. Evil.

I wish that this year no one wants to destroy a snowman.

(Or that they will seek help if they get that urge.)





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