this blog post by mashed radish is more interesting than the endless Trump/Clinton tug of war overanalysis..

In the run-up to tonight’s high-stakes showdown between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, some polls are showing that the two candidates are locked in a virtual dead heat. And as the two are set to square off, many want the media to raise the bar of expectations for Trump. The language of politics is noΒ […]

via 6 political expressions that come from sports and gaming β€” mashed radish

so much better than those @#*&% stickers!!!


And a tattoo on peach is quite special, isn’t it?

(If there is such a thing as “quite special”.. You’d think that by definition, “special” is so special it doesn’t need any qualifiers!)

I didn’t realize how expensive the tattooed peaches were until I weighed them! For a moment, the price stopped the blood in my veins, but then I braced myself and refused to back down. The price sticker was already printed, and the peaches smelled so good.

Luckily they tasted as divine as they smelled!

(Otherwise I would’ve had to make a complaint about scent betrayal.)

The Manifest of the Funhouse Mirror Liberation Army!


For far too long, funhouse mirrors have mainly been confined to fun fairs and amusement parks, even though the world desperately needs more of them!

Funhouse mirrors should therefore be set free and installed in parks, schools, businesses and homes!

It’s time to see more fun in mirrors!


a twitter retrospective II

A month ago when I published my first twitter retrospective, the most ‘likes’ a tweet of mine had received was 7. Since then, my tweet tornado has swept through twitter like never before! And now my personal best is..well, it’s 9, ok? Shut up about that already! πŸ˜… But I do have a few more re-tweets than before, and the number of “impressions” is a lot higher (whatever that means..)

Thus, it’s time for a second twitter retrospective. After all, Without the first and the second, third time doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in sauna to be the charm!


The Way Too Many Manhattans Project


The Hawking’s Speech


I can AND : The Wild Dench!Β 


How about ? Such as: Dine Hard by eating the nightingale that sang in Berkeley Square!


do not miss out on

the pleasure of missing out

it’s so enriching!


: “I can only , I have the best integrity money can buy! Top-notch tar and feathers as well!”


broken and scattered

in the flimsy whims of winds

lured back by dusk’s call


Ah, time I managed to in ! I was watching Licence to Swill in Weedona, AZ.


If you are as courteous and thoughtful towards a homeless drunk as you are , I salute you!


That his lawn furniture I stow

I add it to my secret stash

On eBay make a lot of cash!


A remake of Over Easy Rider starring Eggs Benedict Cumberbatch!Β 


I never promised you a rose garden where the wild roses grow and a rose by any other name would smell like teen spirit.


Make it wet Then turn up the heat and put it in real good Now we’re in the mood We have the right beat and soon a boiled egg!


a crisp or even a stormy day, a long walk and the certainty of a crackling fire and a good book, and equally good company.


The chance to go on a laughing spree! And to blow up side-splitting TNT!


The lady doth pot roast too much, methinks.


The Philosopher’s Pebble,Closet of Gossip,On Parole from Azkaban,Cup of Tea,Order of the Finch,Pale Boy,Unsafe Halls


Write your dreams with a feather, plan your life with a pencil, seize the moment with CRAYONS!


and you thought no one would notice!!!πŸ˜‚


That Cumulonimbus really should’ve waited until winter before trying to pull off the old “Never mind me, I’m just pining here” party trick..! πŸ˜‚

Oh, and wearing clothes that match the wallpaper does make you a wallflower – a wallflower that everybody will notice! (Of course they’ll completely ignore you, unless you look like Jean Harlow/Clark Gable, but they notice.) πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

And as for trying to sneak out of the office party with your “secret” office fling without anyone being the wiser…! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Β  (Your co-workers probably knew before you did!)

Which is why it never stops to amaze me that some people seem to think they can get away with anything (like plagiarizing) in this day and age of instant checkability.

what’s round and red and goes up and down..?

why, a strawberry in an elevator, of course! 😜


Aah, the joy of unexpectedly spotting a ripe wild strawberry! And where there’s one, there are usually others. Elusive, yet shining like beacons in the undergrowth.


Often the best things in life are hiding in plain view.