I’ve been wondering..

Shouldn’t deals be based on an honest handshake?

Can you make anything great if you’re full of hate?

Why should gender or skin determine who’s a mate?

We should try to get along, there’s so much at stake!


not so much gone with the wind as expoxed by the wind..


Aaah, there’s nothing like air which has been cleaned, cleared and oxygenated by rain!

I dashed to open all the windows to get a proper through-draft going – and got more than I bargained for.. I was exposed as a person who sometimes “forgets” to vacuum under the couch!!

On the other hand, since the wind blew out all those dust bunnies from under the couch, I guess I won’t have to vacuum under there next week, either..? How convenient! 😜

PS. That lovely drawing is by Italian illustrator Eva Montanari.

I’ve missed ya, too!

..And by “ya” I mean uplifting news from the good ol’ US of A!

Like the latest blog post of the Pioneer Woman, a.k.a. the lovely Ree Drummond

Like ANY of Ree’s blog posts.

THAT is what America needs more right now, and what the rest of the world needs to hear from America right now, this very minute!

There’s been far too much hate and ugliness lately, and it scarily looks like more is in the pipeline, but come on! You’re Americans, for crying out loud! You’re better than that!


eating your enemy’s food


Last year, my Secret Santa gave me a cookbook called Jerusalem, written by Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi who both grew up in Jerusalem, Yotam in the Jewish west and Sami in the Muslim east. They only met as adults in London and discovered their parallel histories.

They both call the flavors and smells of Jerusalem their mother tongue. And what a tongue it is! Every recipe I’ve cooked from the book has been delicious, and tonight’s roasted butternut squash with red onion and tahini and roasted chicken with clementines and arak, served with tahini sauce and Zhoug were no exception.

Yotam and Sami’s book has taught me that despite the culinary wars in Jerusalem, as in which is the “right” way to make hummus, and the dozens and dozens of variations of pretty much every dish, people of very different, even opposing backgrounds share a culinary heritage, and eat the foods of their “enemies” all the time. The key to world peace is much closer to our stomachs than we think! Now if only we could put it into practice more often. We would probably gain some weight in the process, but surely world peace is worth that!

PS. I found Yotam’s recipe for Zhoug online, and oh boy, does the Sabih look good, too!


I miss Bernie.

I miss Bernie.
I miss the quiet,
the absence of slurs
of bigoted bullies.

I miss Bernie.
His persistent work,
the refusal to shirk
from the weight of the
common good.

The common good,
science, sense and decency
now carried away on a gurney.
Oh, how I miss you,

I’ve been wondering..


..if you have any idea what I do for you every single day?

I recycle, I buy second hand, I keep my showers short,

I don’t litter, I don’t insult you on twitter,

I do my best, I sacrifice, I hold our planet’s fort

Fine, I could still do a whole lot more!

I’ve bought things I don’t need,

Plastic I’ve used may land on your shore,

I haven’t planted every good seed

But even though at times I flail

I’m selfish, I don’t care, I fail,

I step back out from the shadow

I go high no matter how many go low

And being three quarters kind and good

Is guaranteed to improve our planet’s mood!