Barf bags have so much potential, which should be unlocked! My own lightbulb moment came a couple of years ago on a Scandinavian Airlines flight when I happened to notice how nice their barf bag, I mean MULTI-BAG, looked like. I took it with me, barf-free, and then had the idea of using it as a mobile compost for fruit peel. After all, I recycle at home so why should I stop when I’m on the go? When I get home I simply empty it into our bio waste container and put it back in my bag.

My SAS Multi-Bag has served me well, but it’s clearly nearing the end of its life cycle so on a recent Brussels Airlines flight I picked up a new one. I hope other airlines are going to make their barf bags more interesting, too. I’d also like to hear about what kind of creative uses you have found for barf bags! (And NO, I do not mean “creative” ways of barfing..!!)


aren’t fake salads the worst??

You know what I’m talking about, right? You order a main course salad in a restaurant and what the server brings you looks absolutely abundant and delicious – and then you find out that the abundance and deliciousness is just a very carefully arranged, very very thin layer on top of nothing but a huge pile of lettuce! 👹

Luckily most restaurants realize that serving a fake salad is NOT a good idea. And some restaurants even make salads that take your breath away, and that’s what happened to me on Monday. In an airport restaurant of all places!!!

Thinly sliced cabbage and orange, crispy kale, sweet mango, walnuts that were not at all stale, avocado sprinkled with sesame seeds, all bathed in a wonderful citrus dressing.. Perfection!


PS. About an hour after looking all elegant and sophisticated while eating that salad reality kicked in: I was hungry again! Still, in honor of that fantastic salad, I didn’t want to tarnish its memory by having a burger and fries. I had some fruit and rye bread with cheese instead. And for that I definitely deserve a pat on the head! 😄🎈

balance, and how to achieve it!



Did you indulge and succumb, did you overeat?

There’s no need to worry, no need for a frown:

Just take deep breaths right there in your seat

And once your intestines have settled down,

Get up and start moving for sweat and heat!

Did you fall off the wagon and lose your resolve?

There’s no need to despair, no need to feel lame:

Simply pick yourself up and dust off your valve

And in no time at all you’re back in the game!

See how simple it is to regroup and revolve?

(Repeat as necessary)

A little poem for Aleppo



For whom the bell tolls
Who the rubble beholds
Who’s looking after their souls?

All the horror and guilt
Helplessness to the hilt
Just to watch it all wilt

What was it all for?
Yet we know there’ll be more
Like there’s been more before

the tides and tidings of yule..



I started this blog by writing about Jesus and Bruce Lee on the 25th of December 2014.

Gosh, almost two years ago! Back then, and ever since, I obviously hoped and dreamed and aspired to thousands, no, who am I kidding, millions of readers around the globe.

Instead, I have a handful of people randomly stumbling upon my blog and then moving on, never to return. Sometimes someone reads a whole bunch of my blog posts in one go, that’s what the blog statistics tell me. It kind of feels like being inside a snow globe like the two bears in the last photo: Isolated inside a bubble, which a passerby occasionally shakes to see the whirl of flakes.. It’s not at all a sad feeling, though, and I do have one extremely dedicated follower: myself! 😜 Yes, at times I read my own blog posts and they never fail to make me smile.

So to all of you who sometimes shake my snow globe and possibly smile, too:

Have a Happy December, however you celebrate it!

(I’m sure every religion and non-religion celebrates something in December – or any other month, for that matter..And if not, just make up your own!)

I’ve been wondering..

Shouldn’t deals be based on an honest handshake?

Can you make anything great if you’re full of hate?

Why should gender or skin determine who’s a mate?

We should try to get along, there’s so much at stake!